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 Lawn & Garden and Yard of the Month

Lawn and Garden Committee Charter

We are looking for a few good men (and women) to help with some of the work around our entrance, pool, pavilion, and playground.   We do love digging in the dirt and love to see our neighborhood looking as good as possible.  We would really appreciate having more members. The more heads and hands the better.  We have several jobs that need to be done but we would like additional ideas and suggestions. We do have a limited budget at our discretion, but with all of us helping we can get much accomplished.  

We would also like your input for possible winners for Yard of the Month. If you see a yard that is worthy and we have overlooked it, please do not hesitate to call or email (see bgelow).  We do have several yards that we are considering for months to come, but please give us your recomendations!


We really would like to see the Lawn and Garden Committee become a much larger committee. The more homeowners that participate the better and stronger the committee will be. And of course, it is always great to meet fellow gardeners and make new friends. We get together as often as possible to discuss our plans for beautification projects in the neighborhood. 


If you are interested in joining the committee, helping out, or just making a suggestion please call or email us (see below). 


Thank you from all of us on the committee,


     The committee has three main responsibilities:  maintenance of community common areas, yard of the month program, and holiday decorations.

     The Yard of the Month program has established the following guidelines.
        1)  The YOTM will be presented with a yard sign based on attractiveness, maintenance, beautification, originality and creativity.
        2)  The upkeep of the yard should be done primarily by the efforts of the homeowner as much as possible.
        3)  Judges will consist of members of the YOTM committee with any input from the community.
        4)  When possible, photos of winners will be taken and posted on our West Oak Creek website.


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