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 Home Owner Dues Information & Payment Policy

Treasurer:  Paul Lucas (

Account Assessment Status, please contact Amanda Burkett at

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Please Note: The HOA dues payment policies have been setup to improve the financial position of the HOA and reduce operating costs. 

NOTE: during the October 2019 HOA Annual Meeting, it was voted on and approved to modify the Due dates of HOA dues.  The new dates are listed below and are on new statements being mailed out shortly.

  • Annual HOA DUE DATES:
    • 1st Quarter, Semi Annual or Annual           HOA Dues are due by January 1st (late January 15th)
    • 2nd Quarter                                                  HOA Dues are due by April 1st (late April 15th)
    • 3rd Quarter or Semi Annual                        HOA Dues are due by July 1st (late July 15th)
    • 4th Quarter                                                  HOA Dues are due by October 1st (late October 15th)

Payments received after the 15th of the respective month are considered late and homeowners will be charged $20.00.

Monthly payments are NOT accepted and only quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments for the year are accepted.

Account transfers on resales and account refinance fees will be quoted to the respective title companies by Creative Management Company.  Returned check fees are $25.00.

Please contact Creative Management Company, our HOA management company, with any updates to email addresses or mailing addresses - Christi Keller @ (281) 822-6331 or

Homeowners financial information security policy requires homeowners financial data to only be made available to: 

  • individual homeowners
  • treasurer
  • legal representation as required

All homeowners now have access to annual income statements & balance sheets as required by state law.  Annual CPA reviews of all financial transactions are performed on an annual basis along with budgets for 3 years.   Documents can be printed off below & will be updated on a regular basis.

The payment collections process below was approved by the HOA board.

1.      Initial communication to homeowner is the annual invoice sent out via email or postage mail.
2.      Second communication is to send out reminder letters 30 days after delinquent as quarterly payments are due by 1/1, 04/1, 7/1 & 10/1 or semi annual / annual.
3.      After one year if homeowner has not paid on 10/31 and no response
4.      Treasurer turns accounts over to lawyer.
5.      Lawyer sends an initial demand letter by certified & regular mail in which homeowners has 35 days to respond. If no response
6.      Lawyer sends a final demand letter where homeowner has 15 days.
7.      If no response, lawyer requests authorization from board to file suit.
8.      Individual homeowner is responsible for any applicable late fees or lawyer fees the HOA incurs to collect the annual HOA fee.
 Treasurer Documents
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West Oak Creek - 2019 Recorded HOA Assessment Payment Policy11/18/2019123.46 KBDownloadScott Fitzharris11/18/2019583
2020 Operating Budget11/1/201936.50 KBDownloadScott Fitzharris11/1/2019602
2019 Operating Budget11/5/201836.87 KBDownloadAdministrator Account11/5/2018860
2018 Q3 Budget vs. Actual10/16/201843.49 KBDownloadSuperUser Account10/16/2018832
2018 Q2 Budget vs. Actual10/16/201843.13 KBDownloadSuperUser Account10/16/2018816
2018 Q1 Budget vs Actual10/16/201842.82 KBDownloadSuperUser Account10/16/2018811
2017 Q4 Budget vs. Actual10/16/201844.57 KBDownloadSuperUser Account10/16/2018803
2018 Approved Budget10/31/201739.92 KBDownloadAdministrator Account10/31/20171023
2017 Budget vs. Actual Q310/30/201743.79 KBDownloadAdministrator Account10/30/2017963
2017 Budget vs. Actual Q2 8/7/201743.79 KBDownloadAdministrator Account8/7/2017982
2017 Budget vs. Actual Q14/8/201743.15 KBDownloadAdministrator Account4/8/20171099
2016 Year-End Budget vs. Actual (Rolled-up)1/27/201734.24 KBDownloadAdministrator Account1/27/20171165
2016 Year-end Budget vs. Actual (Expanded)1/27/201744.94 KBDownloadAdministrator Account1/27/2017987
2017 Approved Budget11/5/2016176.77 KBDownloadAdministrator Account11/5/20161025
2016 Budget vs. Actual Q3 (Summary)10/13/201634.74 KBDownloadAdministrator Account10/13/20161194
2016 Budget vs. Actual Q3 (Expanded)10/13/201644.55 KBDownloadAdministrator Account10/13/2016976
2016 Budget vs. Actual Q29/13/201634.19 KBDownloadAdministrator Account9/13/20161153
2016 Budget vs. Actual Q19/13/201633.64 KBDownloadAdministrator Account9/13/20161128
2016 Operating Budget; Rev.28/24/2016300.77 KBDownloadAdministrator Account8/24/20161053
2016 Operating Budget, Rev. 18/24/2016300.41 KBDownloadAdministrator Account8/24/20161204
2016 Operating Budget, Baseline8/24/2016299.86 KBDownloadAdministrator Account8/24/20161394
Budget vs. Actual as of 1022201510/23/201545.79 KBDownloadAdministrator Account10/23/20151395
Budget vs Actual updated 0721157/21/201540.57 KBDownloadAdministrator Account7/21/20151393
2014 Income Statement compared with 20135/4/2015UnknownDownloadAdministrator Account5/4/20151436
2014 Balance Sheet comparison with 20135/4/201539.27 KBDownloadAdministrator Account5/4/20151437
2015 Updated Budget 5/4/201538.00 KBDownloadAdministrator Account5/4/20151669
CPA Review 2014 Taxes5/4/201525.50 KBDownloadAdministrator Account5/4/20151415
2015 Budget Final Approved10/26/201438.00 KBDownloadAdministrator Account10/26/20141669
2014 Final Approved Budget10/26/201432.50 KBDownloadAdministrator Account10/26/20141518
2013 Balance Sheet Final4/12/201442.08 KBDownloadAdministrator Account4/12/20141660
2013 Income Statement Final4/12/201451.49 KBDownloadAdministrator Account4/12/20141675
2013 CPA Tax Review4/12/201425.00 KBDownloadAdministrator Account4/12/20141423
2012 CPA Tax Review2/9/201434.50 KBDownloadAdministrator Account2/9/20141568
2012 Balance Sheet2/9/201437.08 KBDownloadAdministrator Account2/9/20141631
2012 Income Statement2/9/201441.01 KBDownloadAdministrator Account2/9/20141670
Approved 2011, 12,13 Budget9/16/201231.00 KBDownloadAdministrator Account9/16/20121479
2011 Tax CPA review4/27/201224.00 KBDownloadAdministrator Account4/27/20121705
2011 Balance Sheet1/8/201237.17 KBDownloadAdministrator Account1/8/20121897
2011 Income Statement1/8/201240.18 KBDownloadAdministrator Account1/8/20121870
Budget vs Actual 0724118/2/2011137.58 KBDownloadAdministrator Account8/2/20111910
10,11,12 Proposed Annual Budget8/2/2011775.71 KBDownloadAdministrator Account8/2/20111623
072411 Income Statement8/2/201192.65 KBDownloadAdministrator Account8/2/20111897
Final 2010 Balance Sheet2/12/201135.93 KBDownloadAdministrator Account2/12/20112031
2010 CPA Review of Tax Financials2/12/201122.50 KBDownloadAdministrator Account2/12/20111946
2010 P & L HOA1/27/201139.22 KBDownloadAdministrator Account1/27/20112049
09, 10,11 Budget 1210 Rev 4 Approved1/3/201131.50 KBDownloadAdministrator Account1/3/20111879
2010 Budget vs Actual final1/3/201142.68 KBDownloadAdministrator Account10/11/20101986
2009 Profit & Loss3/21/20109.41 KBDownloadAdministrator Account3/21/20102200
2009 CPA Review of Financials3/21/201031.00 KBDownloadAdministrator Account3/21/20102173
Budget vs Actual 2009 Final1/4/201042.60 KBDownloadAdministrator Account1/4/20102108
08,09,10 Approved Budget9/18/200930.50 KBDownloadAdministrator Account9/18/20092011
2007 CPA Review of financials7/23/200934.50 KBDownloadAdministrator Account7/23/20092110
07,08,09 Approved Budget7/23/200927.50 KBDownloadAdministrator Account7/23/20092118
2007 Income Statement7/23/200936.58 KBDownloadAdministrator Account7/23/20092212
2008 CPA Review of Fiinancials & Tax Returns5/13/200941.50 KBDownloadAdministrator Account5/13/20092306
2008 Income Statement Final5/13/200938.14 KBDownloadAdministrator Account5/13/20092188
Budget vs Actual 20081/14/200939.07 KBDownloadAdministrator Account1/14/20092242
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Attention: Christi Keller
8323 SW Frwy #330
Houston, TX 77074
Office:  713-772-4420 or

5/15/08 HOA Tax Update:  Records review was completed by the CPA with appropriate changes and a final 2007 Income statement.  All tax forms have been completed and deficit funding letters were sent to the builder for signature. 

10/18/08 Update: 2009 HOA Dues were voted on by the board and set at $600 per year, $300 semi-annual or $150 per quarter.

1/8/09 Update: Homeowner accounts later than 2 years have been turned into HOA legal department for collections. Tax liens will be filed if contact is not made by homeowners within 30 days to resolve.

2/16/09 Update:  Registered letters were sent to homeowners later than 2 years.  Please note that Texas property code 209 allows the HOA to charge homeowners legal fees utilized to collect late debts.

5/13/09 Update: CPA review of 2008 income taxes has been completed and 990 EZ forms filed with the IRS. No taxes were owed based on a loss with depreciation of  $-114.09 (see 2008 final income statement).

7/23/09 Update:  Approved 07/08/09  Budget now shows builder funds repayment during 2007 actuals. 2007 Final Income statement did not need to be updated as there was already a loss in operations in which the addition of the builder funds repayment would not have affected the HOA's tax liability.  LATE HOMEOWNERS: Letters were sent out this week for final payment.  Please contact Treasurer within 30 days or late payment Homeowners will be turned over to the HOA Lawyer which will add more fees to your bill.

11/15/09 Update:  All homeowners more than one year late have been mailed statements.  The letter contains the new board approved collections policy. All HOMEOWNERS MORE THAN ONE YEAR LATE AFTER JANUARY 31,2010  WILL BE SENT TO THE LAWYER FOR COLLECTIONS.  ALL LEGAL FEES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE HOMEOWNER.

01/04/10 Update: A final Budget vs Actual for 2009 has been posted.  Quickbooks has been updated to the 2010 version.  Thank you to those who are paying their 2010 HOA dues in full to help provide a positive cash flow so the HOA can resurface the pool early this year which is a major cost.

3/15/10 Update: CPA review of 2009 income taxes has been completed and 990 EZ forms filed with the IRS. No taxes were owed based on income with depreciation of  $1,163 (see 2009 final P&L statement).

4/26/10 Update:  Added current budget vs actual amount spent report discussed at quarterly meeting.

6/21/10 Update: Added current budget vs actual

7/16/10 Update: Added actual spent vs 2010 budgeted per 7/15 Quarterly meeting

8/11/10 Update:  Board approved 3 year budget now posted.

10/11/10 Update: Added actual money spent vs 2010 budgeted per 10/14 Annual Meeting

01/02/11 Update:  Posted an updated 2011 Budget and final 2010 budgeted vs actual spent

02/12/11 Update: 2010 Taxes completed 990EZ filed; 1099's sent out.  No taxes were owed including depreciation on loss of $10,819 (see 2010 final P&L statement). Posted balance sheet from January 2011 meeting.

08/2/11 Update: 2011 Income Statement, Budget vs Actual & Proposed 10,11,12 Budget are now available as presented at HOA meeting

01/08/12 Update: Final 2011 Income Statement and Final 2011 Balance Sheet posted

04/27/12 Update: Posted Final Tax Review for 2011 CPA to board

9/16/12  Update: Approved 2013 Budget 3 year budget shown

02/14/14 Update: Posted Final Tax review for 2012 lost during website vendor change

04/12/14 Update: Posted Final Tax Review for 2013 to board

10/26/14 Update: Posted final 2014 and Approved 2015 after Annual Meeting

 5/4/15 Update: Posted final 2014 Taxes


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I will be repopulating past files for review.  Please check back often.


8/24/2016 Update: Added past copies of 2016 Approved Budge; Baseline, Rev.1, Rev.2  (Current)

 6/30/2018: Experiencing problems uploading documents. Please stand by.

10/15/2018: Beliee that uploading issue corrected.  If problems exist access files, please notify Board of Directors.


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